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NRSWA training

The New Road and Street Works  Act (NRSWA) requires the undertakers to have qualified personnel in place who execute any type of works within the public highway on behalf of a utility company or their associates. 

They must provide at least one operative who is to remain on site at all times, until the works are completed. They must also have an appointed supervisor, who is able to monitor the works and liaise with the local Highway Authorities. Any one person cannot cover both roles at the same time.


We offer a range of course to suit your needs, as you may only require certain categories: 

  • Operatives - Units 1,2,3,4,5,6 +9 - (4 day course)
  • Supervisor - Units 1,10,11,12,13,14 + 16 (4 day Course)
  • Operatives - Unit 7 Hot Lay Tarmacadam - (1 Day)
  • Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus Unit 1 - (1 Day)
  • Signing, Lighting and Guarding Unit 2/10 - (1 Day)
  • Signing Lighting and Guarding (Novice) Unit 2/10 - (2 Days)