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   Health & Safety Policies

     All Health and Safety Policies need to contain the following

      Statement of General Policy

 ·      Signed by Chief Executive or Managing Director

·      Compliance with law is minimum

·      Avoid injury/ill health as far as is reasonably practicable

·      Reminder of employees duties

·      Review policy in light of changes

·      Commitment to monitor health & safety

 The systems and procedures necessary to put the policy into effect and will include systems and procedures for:

·      Risk Assessment

·      Housekeeping

·      Monitoring (proactive and reactive)

·      Maintenance of machinery

·      First aid

·      Fire safety

 HSTC can write a Health & Safety Policy for your business that provides the start of what is required for a comprehensive safe system of work and which many Client's look for when you are tendering for business.